Events & Publications

“Joy…and peace…the longing of every heart!  The world can lend us temporary thrills, but only Jesus can give us lasting joy and peace.  It’s our desire to share this message of hope throughout the world in every way we can.  It is our prayer that the Lord will so sing, speak, and write through me that many will come to know Him as their personal Savior, and believers everywhere will find a new and intimate walk with Him.”

What We Do

This ministry includes Live Concert Presentations, Mini-Concerts, and Inspirational Speaking in all kinds of settings, not only in churches and military chapels, but also schools, business and professional organizations, prisons, women’s organizations, conferences and retreats, evangelism conferences, and also in cooperative evangelistic efforts with other ministries.

Where We Go

Although we do not currently travel as extensively as we have in past years, we are still committed to go wherever God leads us. (Matthew 28:18-20) Some of the additional ways we reach out now are not in actual physical travel, but by means of:

Books and CD’s – Our music and books are also available for purchase on this Website:
Just go to the Tab “This Is My Song” to view and order.

Radio – BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network) often plays our music.

Monthly letters – Available by U.S. mail.  We offer, free of charge, our monthly letters of encouragement, with Biblical truths and Scripturally sound anecdotes that honor Jesus Christ and uplift the reader.  We recently received this unsolicited note from one of our readers:

Dear Betty, Your monthly writings are a real blessing to me!  They are also beautifully presented…I pray God will bless you in every way as you go forward in the ministry God has given you.  I also pray good health for you and Don!   In HIS Wonderful Name,


The easiest way to start receiving our letters is to go to the “This Is My Song” Tab, Scroll down, and click on the “Order Form” button to download our order form (which is used to order books and CD’s by mail, and to add your name to our mailing list if desired).

You do not need to order anything to receive our monthly letters or be on our mailing list—Simply fill out the space at the bottom of the order form with your name and contact information, then circle the appropriate “Add/Keep My Name on your mailing list” part, and mail to us at the address on the form.  You will then automatically receive our monthly letters.  If at any time you prefer not to receive our letters, just let us know, and your name will be removed from our mailing list.

Note:  We truly appreciate all gifts to this ministry, and of course you are invited to help support this ministry with your prayers and financially, but you are not required to donate to this ministry in order to receive our letters – you only need the interest and desire to receive them.

Please also note that your personal data will be used only to process your orders and donations, and support your experience throughout this website.  We do not share, sell, or distribute your personal information in any way without your personal permission or specific request.

As We Go

Our hearts are filled with praise and thanksgiving to our wonderful Lord and Savior for the privilege of serving Him and reaching out to you through this ministry.  And we thank you —every reader, every listener, and all who pray for us and support this ministry in any way, for your help in bringing people to Christ Jesus, and encouraging them to grow in their faith and walk with Him.  May He abundantly bless you.